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2015 APHOES Bridge Award

  C17 Guidelines Committee

APHOES is proud to present Ann Klink, Paula Robinson, and Joanna Chung; select representatives of the C17 Guidelines Committee; with the 2015 APHOES Bridge Award.

APHOES is happy to honor this group for their work on the C17 Guidelines for Educational Planning and School Re-entry for Pediatric Oncology Patients. 

Ms. Klink is the Psychological Associate and School Liaison for the Pediatric Oncology School Support Program at the Children’s Hospital of the London Health Sciences Centre.  She is responsible for collaborating with families and school communities to coordinate the school reintegration for children with cancer and brain tumors.  She also provides support/advocacy for childhood cancer/brain tumor survivors at risk for/or with documented learning challenges related to cancer treatment. 

Dr. Chung is a Medical Psychologist who does clinical work at BC Children’s Hospital’s Hem/Onc and Bone Marrow Transplant Program.    She advocates for patients through direct clinical work, consultation to health care and school based teams, and education through conferences for school psychologists. 

Dr. Robinson is a physician who is the guideline methodologist for the Pediatric Oncology Group of Ontario, for the C17 Canadian Pediatric Hematology Network, the Children’s Oncology Group Supportive Care Guidelines Committee, and the American Society of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Guidelines Committee.


All three collaborate within their institutions to serve patients and families.  Their work on the C17 Guideline for Educational Planning and School Re-entry for Pediatric Oncology Patients required they work across multiple institutions, and across many disciplines, such as psychology, school intervention, pharmacy, medicine, nursing and educators. 

In addition to the highly anticipated Guidelines, we want to recognize the Committee for the assistance they provided APHOES in the development of our own Practice Recommendations for Managing the Educational Needs of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Patients. 

Their expertise was instrumental in providing us with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate our materials into a valuable and practical document that would empower our members to offer the best services to our patients. 


This wonderful group is the embodiment of our mission: to bridge the gap between hospital and school for children with cancer and blood disorders.  How delightful that this bridge reached from Canada to the US!



Multiple Disciplines, One Mission

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