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2014 APHOES Bridge Award

Sherwood Best

APHOES is proud to present Dr. Sherwood Best with the 2014 APHOES Bridge Award.  Sherry might not be a typical award recipient for an award focused on hematology and oncology, yet her impact on learners with chronic medical conditions and their educators is undeniable.

Sherry Best completed her Ph.D. in Special Education and Educational Psychology from the University of California, Riverside, in 1995. She is currently the Program Coordinator for the education specialist credential and masters programs in Physical and Health Impairments in the Division of Special Education at California State University, Los Angeles.  Students who complete these programs work with individuals from birth through 21 years in regular public schools, special classes and centers, hospitals, and homes.

She is the past president of the CEC’s Division for Physical, Health and Multiple Disabilities and the current president of the California Association for Physical and Health Impairments.

Dr. Best teaches numerous classes in the credential, masters, and doctoral program in special education, and specializes in assessment, curriculum, and psychosocial aspects of physical and health impairments. Her professional interests include quality of life, psychosocial aspects of disability, special education curricula, early childhood special education, disability history/law/policy, and teacher education.

Dr. Best's special education teaching background provided the platform for her current teaching interests. Her concerns with inclusion and acceptance of students with physical impairments in public school settings led to her current research in developing models of quality of school life of students with physical impairments. Dr, Best has made numerous national and state-level conference presentations in the field of physical and health impairments.

It is noteworthy that Sherry has trained the majority of hospital, home, and itinerant educators through out the state of California.  In addition she started the California Association for Physical and Health Impairments (CAPHI) to provide educators continued opportunities to meet, network, and improve the educational experiences for children with medical needs.  She is passionate about the educational needs of children with medical conditions and understands the value and need to speak with one voice to advocate for legislative change, which she has done effectively in the state of California.  Dr. Best also collaborated with Dr. Arnie Katz of Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles in developing and implementing a conference about supporting children with chronic illness in educational settings.

Dr. Best’s contributions and work reflect the mission of APHOES.  She has played a wide range of critical roles that enhance our ongoing work though her advocacy, leadership, and campaigning of legislative initiatives.

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