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APHOES offers its members many opportunities for meaningful involvement in the growth of the organization.

Conference Planning Committee-The Conference Planning Committee coordinates the content and logistics of the Annual Conference.  In close collaboration with the host institution, the committee manages all details related to venue, timeline, finances, registration, speakers, and more, to ensure a rich conference experience for participants, presenters, and hosts.

Editorial Committee –The Editorial Committee is charged with the responsibility of developing, reviewing, and editing the content for all written APHOES documents and materials.

Finance Committee-The Finance Committee oversees the financial operations of APHOES.  Responsibilities include preparing annual budgets and collaborating with other committees regarding the funding of projects.

Legislative Committee- The Legislative Committee coordinates the legislative initiatives that align with the mission of APHOES.

Marketing and Communications Committee-The Marketing and Communications Committee coordinates the development marketing tools and materials to promote the mission and growth of APHOES.

Membership Committee-The Membership Committee facilitates the recruitment of new members, promotes retention of current members, promotes diversity of membership, and offers valued member benefits.  Interested members have the opportunity to contribute to New Members Welcome Wagon, New Member Calling Campaign, Member Outreach, Member Benefits, and Social/Networking Events.

Awards Committee-The Awards Committee identifies members who demonstrate excellence in the delivery of educational services and support to children with cancer and blood disorders to be honored with the Nan Songer Distinguished Member Award. Additionally, the APHOES Bridge Award recognizes the contributions of an individual or group whose work reflects the mission of APHOES:  bridging the gap between hospital and school for children with cancer and blood disorders.  

Research Committee-The Research Committee identifies potential research topics and studies that can promote the work of APHOES members, and serve the needs of the patients and families we serve.

The Education and Professional Development Committee-The Education and Professional Development Committee aims to provide psychoeducation to school-hospital professionals, educators, and parents on a range of topics related to the educational and psychosocial needs of pediatric cancer patients and survivors.  The committee hopes to reach professionals and families throughout the country through the use of technology such as webinars and screencast."

Multiple Disciplines, One Mission

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